Our Company

American Tanning and Leather LLC is the United States' foremost tanner of reptile leathers. Located in Griffin, Georgia, they are a stone's throw away from the source of the finest raw material in the world for precious leathers - Louisiana alligator.

Owned and operated by the Plott family, American Tanning and Leather LLC has 4 generations of experience.

American Tanning and Leather LLC supplies top fashion houses in New York, Paris, and Milan with the most exquisite alligator and crocodile leather. The Plott family's 26 year tenure in the fashion business continues today because of their top quality, premium service, and keen eye for developing trends in exotic leather before anyone else.

Every single skin tanned by American Tanning and Leather LLC is hand-selected directly from Louisiana's alligator fishermen. They are proud to be the ONLY tanner of exotic leather to work directly with the trapper, ensuring the very best quality and best connection to its precious raw material.

American Tanning and Leather LLC is committed to producing the world's finest exotic leathers. It is proud to produce 100% of line of leathers in the U.S.A.