Frequently Asked Questions

What forms must I complete to send in with my skin(s)?
All skins MUST be accompanied by the fully completed Customer Information Sheet and the Contract Tanning Skin Detail Sheet. Without these forms we can not process your skin(s). These forms give us vital information and your color choice for your skin.There is a $50.00 charge for lack of proper paperwork and/or written coloring instructions. We can NOT accept verbal coloring instructions.

How long does it take to tan a skin?
Our premium quality tanning of a raw alligator skin into leather takes time, so expect to receive your luxurious leather within about 8-10 months. Depending on the size of your skin and the time of the year it is delivered to us, it can take up to one year to tan a skin. Hornback skins can possibly take longer than one year. These lead times do not apply for special orders.

What is the approximate cost to tan a skin with us?
Our price for contract tanning is based upon the measurement of the skin in centimeters measured at the widest point in the belly after tanning, dyeing to your specified color choice, and final polishing or glazing. To find the approximate finished size of your skin, multiply the length in feet by 6.5 to get the approximate width in centimeters. For example: An 8 foot skin x 6.5 = 52 cm in size when finished. Per centimeter price of tanning depends on the size and condition of the skin. Prices are as follows:

Skin Size Deposit Required (per skin by length) Tanning Charge
00-34 cm $100.00 (UP TO 6’11”) $4.20 per cm
35-44 cm $100.00 (UP TO 6”11”) $4.80 per cm
45-64 cm $150.00 (7’ AND UP) $5.40 per cm
65 cm and up $150.00 (7” AND UP) $6.95 per cm


Skin Size Deposit Required (per skin by length) Tanning Charge
00-45 cm $150.00 (UP TO 6”11) $6.30 per cm
46 cm and up $600.00 (7’ AND UP) $1200 Flat Fee


Do I have to pay for my skin when I send it in to be tanned?
Since we base the cost of your skin on the finished size, we do not require payment in full before tanning. However, we DO require a deposit for each skin sent to us for tanning. Please see above for prices.

What if my skin is dried out or has excess flesh?
Extremely dried skins or skins that require fleshing will be assessed a rehydration or fleshing fee which is equal to the tanning cost. So if you expect to pay $350 for tanning charges, we will charge an additional $350 for rehydration or fleshing.

How should you prepare your skin(s) for shipping?
Each skin should be properly skinned and fleshed in raw, wet-salted condition. Individual skins should be rolled and sealed in a trash bag inside a sturdy box. Your contract tanning paperwork, including your deposit check or credit card information and color/finish choices should be placed in a Ziploc bag and placed inside the box right before closing the box. Do NOT put your paperwork on the bottom of the box with the skins placed on top.

Please see our Packaging & Shipping Instructions for detailed information.

How should your skins be delivered to us?
We accept skins by FedEx, UPS, and Freight Trucking Services. You may also deliver skins to us by appointment, M-F / 8 am 12 pm & 1 pm 4 pm. We are not open on Saturday or Sunday.

Please do not ship skins by US Postal Service.

What are the colors available for contract tanning?

Glaze Colors Desert Colors Millennium Colors
AG00 - Black Glaze
AG10 - Sport Rust Brown
AG50 - Peanut
AG60 - Cognac
AGNI - Magenta
AG26 - Cafe au Lait
AG90 - Honey
AGD0 - Forest Green
AGH0 - Navy Blue
AGN5 - Red
AGP0 - Burgundy
AGR0 - Grey
AG63 - Mandarina
AGL2 - Viola
AGN3 - Fuchsia
AGH9 - Azul Real
AGH4 - Olive Green
AGDL - Kelly Green
AGG4 - Tahiti
AG28 - Cocoa
AG92 - Cordovan
AD0H - Black Matte
AD1Q - Chocolate
AD1F - Italian Gold
AD5H - Cognac
ADNQ - Rosa
AD1H - Antique Saddle
AD9H - Buttercup
ADDH - Forest Green
ADHH - Navy Matte
ADNS - Candy Apple Red
ADNH - Bordeaux
ADRH - Serpentine Grey
AD5V - Orange Primavera
ADLJ - Violet Primavera
AD3H - Nicotine
ADHZ - Charity Blue
ADDU - Olive Green
ADDL - Kelly Green
ADHK - Ultramarine
AD1N - Kango Tabac
AD1P Mink
AM0H Black
AM50 Peanut
AM31 Bourbon
AMI6 Midnight Blue

There will be a $1.00/cm surcharge for the millennium finish

Please note: In order to do this process, it requires that we remove the tag by cutting the tail as well as the legs enabling the skin to be as flat as possible to pass through the equipment that creates this finish. We will reattached the tail and included the leg pieces that were removed and included them with your skin to be returned to you.


What is the cost if I want a special color or finish?

Special colors outside of this list: Add $400 per skin
Nubuck Finish: Add $400 per skin
Garment Finish: Add $400 per skin


Can untagged pieces of alligator or crocodile skins be sent to us for tanning? We will not accept pieces of alligator or crocodile that do not have the CITES tag attached to the bottom portion of the skin. There will be no exceptions to this rule.