Contract Tanning / Packaging and Shipping Instructions

  • Make sure that your skin(s) have been fleshed and salted according to the Skinning/Fleshing Instructions.
  • If your skin(s) have been frozen, make sure that the skin(s) have been thawed completely and resalted.
  • Roll your skin(s) tightly by starting at the head and rolling to the tail. The outside of the skin should be on the outside as you roll the skin.
  • For your reference write down the tag number of each skin you are sending. This tag number is needed for the paperwork you are sending us. An example of how the tag should be listed is by State/Year/Tag # (Example: TX 10 123)
  • We can ONLY accept skins that have the CITES tag attached to the skin. Each skin MUST have its own CITES tag attached to it. You have to contact your local game and fish authorities for instructions and shipping permission. We will have to return skins, at the owner’s expense, that are sent in without the CITES tag attached.
  • Do NOT send any other pieces of the alligator with your skin. There is not a CITES tag attached to them, so we have no way of knowing what belongs to which customer.
  • Place each skin in a sturdy plastic bag that will collect any drainage. A heavy duty trash bag is ideal for this step.
  • Line a sturdy shipping container with newspaper and put the wrapped skin(s) inside.
  • Put your Customer Information Sheet, Contract Tanning Skin Detail Sheet (with your tag numbers listed), and check or money order (if applicable) in a Ziploc bag on top. This is to keep the paper work from getting wet and/or damaged.
  • Close and seal the box securely.
  • Ship your skin via FedEx, UPS, or a Freight Trucking Service. You may also deliver your skin(s) by appointment, M-F / 8 AM-12 PM & 1 PM-5 PM. We are not open on Saturday or Sunday. Please do NOT ship skins via the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Please ship your skin(s) to:
    American Tanning & Leather LLC
    730 Park Road, Building A
    Griffin, GA 30224, U.S.A.