Porosus Crocodile

Australian Saltwater Crocodile or more commonly called Porosus Crocodile is the most expensive and exclusive leather in the world.

American Tanning and Leather LLC is proud to carry this beautiful and rare leather. We only sell the finest farm raised skins from Australia, which are legal all over the world, and never the Indonesian Porosus, which is prohibited in the U.S.A.

Saltwater crocodile is available seasonally, as we only select the finest skins available - even if that means we buy only a few skins each year.

We carry Porosus in sizes 35 cm up to 50 cm. Each skin is carefully packaged individually in a salted condition and shipped to us from Australia. Once we receive the skins, we tan and dye and finish them into beautiful leather suitable for the finest cuts for top quality bags.

If you are interested in Porosus crocodile, please contact us to arrange a special order or to be put on a waiting list for skins.