Family Heritage

Our history runs as deep as our roots in Georgia when patriarch A.J. Plott, a collection agent for the New York and St. Louis receiving houses, began buying various raw hides, furs, and skins from local trappers. He taught his son, Quince, all he knew and at the end of World War II they expanded the collection areas and added raw alligator skins to the company’s line of goods. Like his father before him, Quince introduced the business to his own son, Chris. Chris grew up working with his father and grandfather but did not join the family business until after completing his service in the United States military. In 1976, the company relocated to its current home of Griffin, Georgia.

At this point, it became increasingly evident that the fur skin business was changing. Efforts by animal rights activist groups had successfully dampened the demand for traditional fur apparel. At the same time, however, there was a growing trend toward other upscale skins, particularly reptile skins. In addition, successful alligator conservation and farming programs in both Florida and Louisiana resulted in an increased supply of raw skins. In 1980, American Tanning & Leather Company, LLC was officially organized and began the challenging task of tanning and finishing American alligator skins. Since then, fourth and fifth generation family members, Chandler, Damon, Christy and Phillip, have joined the company to work alongside their fathers in various capacities to manage the business.

Our Timeline


We invest over one million dollars into the renovation of a 60,000 square foot modern tannery. The new building and facility allow AMTAN the much needed space to grow and expand to fully meet the requirements of growing production demands.


We began our own raw skin acquisition in Louisiana. This operation allows us a direct connection with the Louisiana alligator fishermen, and therefore. The company can earn a stronger position on the wild alligator skin market. The company now possesses the most organized alligator buying and processing efforts in the Delta.


Our tannery begins working with another exotic leather tannery, Whiteline, srl in Italy. This  relationship grows rapidly. AMTAN supplies the crust skins to a more calculated joint marketing effort that encompasses both Europe and America.


 AMTAN and Whiteline, srl enter into an exclusive strategic partnership that allows both companies to grow and prosper in the market.


 Whiteline, srl opens a finished skin warehouse in Milan. This warehouse serves Northern Italy’s leather goods craftsmen. Our tannery consigns finished skins to Whiteline, srl and this new venture allows us to increase sales and create a stronger market presence in Europe.


 Whiteline, srl and AMTAN sign an agreement with a French distributor and open a showroom in Paris.  AMTAN acquires fifty percent ownership of an alligator farm.



AMTAN opens its online store, giving direct tannery access to individual craftsmen across the USA.