The Tannery

Company Overview 

Owned and operated by the Plott family, American Tanning and Leather LLC is a 5th generation business located in Griffin, Georgia.


Facility and Production 

Our facility includes a modern 60,000 square foot tannery that processes approximately 25,000 to 30,000 alligator skins per year. We handle all tanning stages in-house, from raw to crust and crust to
finished leather.


Color and Customization 

We have the capability to dye leathers in any client-requested color and offer a historical palette of over 600 custom colors. Our facility is equipped to meet bespoke color needs with precision.


Research and Development 

A dedicated R&D lab at our facility focuses on the creation of innovative finishes and colors, keeping pace with the ever-changing demands of the fashion industry.


Industry Role and Experience 

As a key supplier to the world's top fashion houses, we bring nearly 40 years of expertise in luxury leather. We are committed to delivering high-quality, premium service and sustainably sourced
luxury leathers.


Sourcing and Craftsmanship 

We are the only tanner of exotic leathers that collaborates directly with alligator fishermen and trappers in Louisiana and Florida, ensuring access to the best quality raw materials. Our skilled technicians employ both modern and traditional leather-making techniques to craft exquisite leathers.


Technology and Commitment 

Our commitment to excellence is supported by ongoing investments in the latest eco-friendly tannery technologies and equipment. We strive to uphold the craftsmanship heritage instilled by our founder, ensuring our products remain proudly MADE IN THE USA.