• What is the approximate cost to tan a skin with us?

    You can estimate the tanning cost of belly skins by multiplying the length of your skin (in feet) by 6.5. In the case of hornbacks, multiply the length by 6.65. This will give you the approximate measurement in centimeters to calculate the rough cost. The bigger the skin, the more difficult it is to estimate the final cost.   For example, if your skin is 9’ long, you must multiply 9 x 6.5 to get 59 cm.   Then multiply 59 cm by the price per cm to tan, which is $5.40 per cm.   Your skin is estimated to cost $319.00.

  • How long does it take to tan a skin?

    Our process of premium, quality tanning takes time.   Expect to receive your luxurious leather within about 8-12 months. Depending on the size of your skin and the time of the year it is delivered to us, it can take up to one year to tan a skin. Hornback skins can take longer than one year. These lead times do not apply for special orders.

Example: Belly skin is 7.5 feet in length x 6.5 = 48.75 cm x $5.40 - per cm = $263.25 estimated cost

Large hornbacks, because of the large horns on the back, must be tanned, one by one and alone in individual tanning drums. We cannot place multiple large hornbacks together in drums. The large horns would destroy other skins due to the drum's rotation process.

  • Belly Skins:

    Our price for contract tanning is based upon the measurement of the skin in centimeters (measured at the widest point in the belly after tanning and dyeing is complete).

  • Hornback Skins:

    We suggest measuring your skin's width as pictured below in order to estimate your skin's size. Please note:  pull the skin flat, but do not stretch, before salting.   If measuring after salting, pull tight, and let skin relax for accuracy.

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Deposit Payments

Deposit payments must accompany your skin(s) as detailed below. We accept checks, money orders, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover cards.

Special Orders

Many customers ask us about special colors and finishes for their order. We currently offer 21 Desert Finish Colors, 21 Glazed Finish Colors, and 4 Millennium Finish Colors. We can create colors and finishes outside these options  for an extra charge of $400 per belly skin. Please note that hornbacks or trophy tan hornback skins may not be done in colors outside of these options offer. We do not offer “natural tanned” or “Himalayan” skins for contract tanning.