• Classic/ Glazed Finish

    Our timeless classic finish has a high gloss shine and a glass-like touch.  Each piece of leather is polished by a skilled artisan operating a machine called a glazing jack.   Our classic finish is supple, exhibits a tight break when bending, and re-glazes easily.

  • Desert/ Matte Finish

    Desert finish is our most durable and weather resistant leather. Its soft glow with smooth finish is silky to the touch. The fullness of the leather infuses dimension and depth into each skin. This oil and water-resistant finish is recommended for upholstery and all leather goods, especially boots and shoes.

  • Millennium Finish

    Millennium finish has the beauty of classic glazed leather with the durability of our Desert finish. This finish may be applied to either full aniline or semi aniline dyed skins to create a broad range of choices. Millennium finish is popular for bags and belts because it has virtually no break and is extremely durable.

  • Garment Finish

    Our luxurious garment finish was created for outerwear and soft handbags.  Each skin is shaved to the thinnest weight possible by a highly trained technician to achieve maximum drape.   We use the finest oils and milling techniques to create ultimate softness.

  • Ultramatte Finish

    Ultramatte finish is supple and soft like our desert finish with a waxy touch. The ultramatte finish is infused with oils which make this leather slightly heavier than our Desert finish.  The completely matte finish is sporty and modern.

  • Antique Finish

    The beautiful highs and lows of our Antique finish are achieved by creating a two-tone color with semi-aniline dyeing.  Each skin is rich with character and no two will be exactly alike.   Antique finish requires choosing a lighter base color with a deeper accent color.

  • Metallic/ Pearl Finish

    The natural beauty of precious metals and shimmery pearls may be applied to the skins alone or gently hand-washed atop any Desert collection color to add depth and dimension.  Gold and platinum may also be combined for a multi-metal effect.

  • Nubuck/ Suede Finish

    Nubuck skins have a buffed grain surface which create velvet touch.  Our nubuck skins have well fixed dyeing which achieves minimal crocking.  We specially treat nubuck skins to repel water.

  • Bulletproof Finish

    Our most durable finish, Bulletproof, was developed to withstand the toughest conditions.  Bulletproof has a soft glow like our Desert finish but is semi-aniline leather.  It is best suited for watchstraps, phone cases, and motorcycle seating.